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Belt Sizing: How to Choose the Right Belt Size

The belt is one of the most commonly used accessories in our wardrobe. It can be worn with just about any outfit, and it's perfect for creating an accessory look that will make you feel put-together!

However, buying a new belt can take time and effort. You might ask yourself, "what belt size am I?" or "how to find my perfect fit" or "How to measure for a leather belt?" or even "why is this so tricky?" when looking for a belt that will look great with your outfit!

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The first mistake is confusing the waist size of your pants with belt measurements which can lead you to an expensive mistake. The two are unrelated, so keep this fact in mind before purchasing a new accessory for yourself!

We know that figuring out your belt size can be a daunting task. The good news is: there's no need to worry anymore because we've made it easy as pie (or rather...leather).

That's why we've created this comprehensive guide on measuring both woman's and men's belt sizes, as well as which belt size charts will work best for you based on those measurements! You'll also discover some tips that may help determine your belt size and find your perfect leather accessory in no time at all...

How are belts measured?

Understanding how belts are typically measured and labelled for size is crucial when selecting one. Most belts have their sizes imprinted on the back, for example, 32, 34, 36, etc., and are typically measured from the buckle end of the belt's leather fold to the tip end's middle hole. Belts generally are made up of five holes and are sized to the middle one. This means you have plenty of flexibility when choosing your belt size.

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Women's Belt Size Guide & Chart

There's greater diversity in fashion today than ever, so you'll have more options when selecting the right belt for your pants, dress, or skirt. Women's belts come in many sizes and styles, such as belts for jeans, high waist belts, hip belts, and more. 

To determine which belt size to buy, wrap a measuring tape around your waist, over your dress or through your belt loops, depending on what type of clothing you are wearing. Choose the nearest size since this is where the belt's centre hole will fit.

Women's belts can be confusing, especially when they're not labelled with measurements. These belts are often sized according to a generic size system rather than length. The chart below will help you determine what your perfect fit is!

Women’s Belt Size Guide & Chart | PEROZ Australia

Men's Belt Size Guide & Chart

Men's belts come in various sizes, so knowing yours is essential. To measure for a new belt, take the size of your pant and add 2 inches; this will tell you which number on our leather belt would be best suited to ensure it fits perfectly with whatever clothing material may come into contact with them! You may also use a tape measure to determine where you will wear your belt; that number will correspond to the placement of the belt's centre hole.

To get the best fit, you can also take a belt you already own and measure its length. Measure your belt from the top of the strap, without including the buckle to where it wraps around. Choose a size that comes closest in measurements and rounds up if needed for an even better-suited belt!

Women’s Belt Size Guide & Chart | PEROZ Australia

How to measure your waist for belt size?

The first method in determining the best belt size for you is to thread a tape measure through your trousers' loopy holes. When taking your measurements, remember that the tape measure should be snug. Also, make sure to stand upright with a relaxed and natural posture. Then select the belt size closest to this measurement or round up to the nearest inch if needed!

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How to choose a perfect fit belt size based on pant size?

There are a few points to keep in mind when buying belts online. For starters, your belt size may not match the measurements on an old pair of pants you have lying around from college; modern clothing is typically sold using vanity sizes and constructed out of materials that stretch or deform with wear - so what's really going to fit?

To find your perfect belt size, follow this general rule: if your pant size matches 28", then go with a 30" belt size; a 32" belt size fits well for someone who wears 30" pants. And so forth for other sizes! Although not as accurate as measuring yourself or your belt, this method can work well for most men's and some women's belt sizes.

However, there are few exceptions to this rule. If you're buying a belt for your denim jeans, then we should determine the correct size by adding 4 inches to your jeans size. So, if you wear your jeans in a 32" size, you should buy a belt with around 36" length - remember, these numbers may vary depending on how thick or thin your jeans are!

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Can I measure my current belt size?

The easiest way to determine how many belts you need is to measure your existing ones. Lay the belt out on a level surface. Start the tape measure at the intended hole and stretch it to the point where the buckle and the end of the belt meet. Since belt measurements are in inches, it would be better if you rounded them to the nearest inch.

But this approach is less accurate than others. Not all belts are produced from genuine high-end leather; instead, they might be constructed from various types of leather. Belts with braids and those made of cheap materials are particularly prone to straining and deforming over time.

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What else should you consider when choosing a belt size?

  • When measuring, keep in mind to exclude the belt buckle. The measurement will be inaccurate and will be somewhat longer than the correct size for you.
  • Most belt sizes in the United States or Australia are measured in inches, while some stores also provide basic XS, S, M, L, and XL sizing. In the meanwhile, European countries measure belts in centimetres.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What size belt should I buy for a 30 waist?

When selecting your belt size, you should add 2 inches to your pant size. For instance, we advise a size 32 belt if you wear size 30 pants. You may also use a tape measure where you will wear your belt; that number is where the belt's centre hole will fit.

How far should the belt stick out?

Once tightened, there should always be a few inches of leather protruding from the belt. This should be sufficient to tuck it beneath the belt loop (if it has one).

What if your belt size falls on an odd number?

The general rule is to always round up to the nearest size to ensure enough room to adjust if your body size changes slightly. 

Should your belt size be the same as your pant size?

Taking the time to measure yourself and determine your belt size can ensure that this essential accessory fits perfectly. It is advised that you measure your waist (while wearing your pants and via the belt loops) rather than depending on the information printed on the label of the pants or your other belts because some pant manufacturers do not conform to standard sizing.

Do leather belts stretch?

When worn for an extended period, leather belts will stretch. A leather belt can even stretch 1-3 inches over its lifetime. Like all other leather goods, prolonged use causes the leather belt to grow in size. 

Can a belt be resized? 

Cutting a belt off at the end with the holes is the simplest method to shorten it, but what if you prefer the tail as is? The finish of the tail can be preserved by shortening most belts from the buckle end. It only requires a tiny bit more effort.

Where do you find a belt that fits you?

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