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In the world of wristwatches, the term "automatic" serves as a borderline. Cross this line, and you've entered the realm of carefully crafted engineering feats, often involving hundreds of pieces working in unison to power the timepiece and keep time. On the other hand, quartz watches are infinitely more affordable. If you're serious about watches, you're probably on the "automatic" side of the debate. Despite the fact that the technology was only recently introduced, almost all luxury watches made today are automatic. Watches were originally powered by the wearer manually winding the crown again and again: this tightened the mainspring inside the watch. Eventually, watch manufacturers got creative to ease the process.

How does automatic winding work?

An automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch winds “automatically” or by itself. Of course, this isn't meant literally because the energy has to come from somewhere. These watches only need to be worn on a regular basis to keep working. Every automatic timepiece has a rotor made of a heavy material such as tungsten, gold, or platinum that is strong enough to wind the movement. Automatic watches get their power from the wearer's motion. The rotor swings as the wearer keep moving their arm, causing the gears to turn and the spring to wind. If your watch has a glass case back, try flipping it over to see this process in action.


Is it necessary to manually wind your automatic watch?

It's all about the movement in the end. A manual winding option isn't available on every automatic watch. You'll have to shake the watch to get the gears spinning again if and when it stops ticking. However, most modern watch movements like Peroz watches are also able to be wound by hand. This is especially useful if you don't wear or move your watch very often


Why are automatic watches better?


      No battery required

Because automatic watches are designed to wind themselves, they do not require a battery to function. You won't wake up one morning to find your watch battery completely depleted on the morning of an important meeting. Basically, you don't have to worry about replacing batteries on a regular basis.

     ● Fairly accurate

When it comes to accuracy, these watches perform impressively. A standard automatic watch will be within 25 seconds of the actual time, which you'll agree isn't too bad. Of course, this is dependent on who is wearing it or, more specifically, what you intend to use the watch for.

     ● If used on a regular basis, no hand winding is required.

It is not necessarily required to manually wind your automatic watch if you wear it every day, making it quite convenient.


       Stellar aesthetics

The workmanship alone in automatic watches is outstanding, not to mention the engineering. As a result, they are among the most aesthetically beautiful timepieces on the market.


      High power reserve

Automatic watches have a large power reserve, especially when fully wound. It can store up to 42 hours of power before needing to be wound up again.


     ● Low maintenance

Automatic watches are relatively simple to maintain. You can keep your watch looking like new for years by wiping it down with a soft cloth every night. However, this does not negate the need to proceed with discretion. Avoid washing or bathing with it, as you would with any other watch (even if it is waterproof). The gasket eventually expands, affecting the accuracy and overall lifespan of the watch.

Peroz men's automatic watches are perfect for gentlemen who appreciate the class and style

A Peroz skeleton watch is an automatic timepiece with exposed moving parts in the front and back. The dial of these watches shows the intricate workings of the watch inside, as well as the Japanese movement of the watch. Our skeleton watches have a unique potential to make the craft of watchmaking visible. Their open design not only reveals the mechanism behind the timepiece but also offers the wearer to appreciate the sophisticated inner workings of his watch. Skeleton watches combine practicality and fashion, making them ideal for gentlemen who love the look of fashionable timepieces as well as the craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing them. These unusual watches transform ordinary into remarkable by unveiling the heart or the watch while combining classic and contemporary aesthetics.