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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Do you want to give your loved one a beautiful Rings as a present? Or maybe it's your first time buying it for yourself. Giving a ring as an anniversary gift is a wonderful idea because it will stay with them forever and remind them of you. When it comes to proposing your love, a ring is unquestionably the first option. When giving unique rings as gift, it's natural to think about an element of surprise. However, because we are not experts in this, it is quite difficult to determine the exact ring size by simply looking at fingers. So, the main question is always how to choose the right ring size, especially when purchasing a ring online, where there are thousands of options. You'll be surprised by how many people don't know their ring size! Don't worry if you're one of them and not sure about your ring size - we've got you covered! 

In this article, you'll discover everything you need to know about sizing rings for men and women. Read on to find out what size ring fits your finger best.

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Ring Size Chart

Ring sizes are measurements of the internal diameter or circumference of the ring's band. The ring size is frequently measured in millimetres, centimetres, or inches. Each country uses a separate system of numbers or letters to determine a general ring measurement standard for women. As a result of their geographic positions, several countries follow the ring size standards of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as shown in the table below.

Inside Diameter (MM) Inside Diameter (Inches) Circumference Australia / New Zealand / UK Ring Size USA/Canada Ring Size
15.0 0.59 47.12 H 4
15.3 0.6 48.06 I 4.5
15.6 0.62 49.01 J 5
16.2 0.63 50.89 K 5.5
16.6 0.65 52.15 L 6
16.9 0.67 53.09 M 6.5
17.2 0.68 54.03 N 7
17.8 0.7 55.92 O 7.5
18.1 0.71 56.86 P 8
18.5 0.73 58.12 Q 8.5
19.1 0.75 60.00 R 9
19.4 0.76 60.95 S 9.5
19.7 0.78 61.89 T 10
20.4 0.79 64.09 U 10.5
20.7 0.81 65.03 V 11
21.0 0.83 65.97 W 11.5
21.6 0.84 67.86 X 12
22.0 0.86 69.11 Y 12.5
22.3 0.87 70.06 Z 13
22.9 0.89 71.94 Z+2 13.5
23.2 0.91 72.88 Z+3 14
23.6 0.92 74.14 Z+4 14.5
24.0 0.94 75.40 Z+5 15


It's essential to get the correct ring size because you don't want to lose it due to the wrong size! It's easier to slide a wide "comfort-fit" ring on your fingers than a band with a flat inner surface.

What happens if you get the wrong ring size?

A ring should fit snugly but not too tight or loose. How do you know if it fits properly? Women's rings that are overly big may slip off or twist around the finger, making them uncomfortable to wear and adore. A ring that is overly tight, on the other hand, will block the finger's blood flow. It can cause the skin to bulge, making the fingers appear fat and obstructing the view of the ring from the side. Even if you can wear it, it will most likely hurt your finger.

Is my engagement ring excessively large?

Your ring is too big and has to be adjusted down if another person can easily remove it with little resistance. If a ring slides off with a delicate touch, it is too big and needs to be scaled down because you will be rougher than someone else when you remove the ring.

Is my ring too small?

Your ring is too tight and has to be sized up if it leaves a permanent indent on your finger. It's typical to have trouble taking off your ring in the morning if you wear it to bed. It's also common if your ring feels uncomfortable tight after travelling, working out, or consuming alcohol. When it comes to adjusting the size of your ring, there are some limitations. The simpler your ring is, the better your chances of getting it sized up.

Should a ring leave an indent?

A perfect ring fit is one that easily slides over your knuckles. All fingers, however, are not made equal. One person may struggle to get a ring over their knuckle only to discover that it is constantly spinning around. Another person may find it easy to slip it over the knuckle, but it leaves an indent. 

You may be in-between ring sizes if you are unsure if your ring is too big or too small.

Is it better to size a ring up or down?

Because each of us is unique, the majority of us don't fit into a specified category. Is it better to size down or up your engagement ring? This choice will depend on whether your ring moves around a lot or feels uncomfortable on your finger. In reality, sizing up is more difficult with rings than down.

Wearing your ring for a while and paying attention to how it feels is the most crucial step. Do you oftentimes move your ring to your pinky finger? If so, you should size up, in which case jewellers will enlarge your ring by adding material to it.

Do you find yourself continuously rotating your ring to face up? Then it's better to size down, in which case the jeweller will remove material from your ring. Keep in mind that, while most engagement rings may be resized, not all wedding bands can. This is especially true for eternity bands, which have stones accenting the entire shank, making resizing considerably more difficult. Before you make your final purchase, enquire about your jeweler's resizing policy. 

What can I do to prevent my ring from spinning and turning?

It could be due to an imbalance in the weight of the centre stone and the band. It is also possible that your ring is too large. A certain tape can be used to secure the ring for a short period of time for an outing. Roll the tape out and cut it from the opposite side. The sliced tape is then thinly rolled to form a cylindrical shape. This tape is worn between the ring and the index finger. This tape is only good for a limited time before it needs to be replaced. Another short-term solution to keep your ring from falling is placing another ring on it to keep it firm.

How to measure your ring size

How to measure your ring size | PEROZ Accessories
  1. If you have a ring that fits just right, you can measure the diameter of the inside of the ring.
  1. Place the ring on top of the ruler and measure the widest part of the ring from the inner edge to the inner edge. When measuring, round to the nearest whole millimetre. Compare the obtained number with our size chart to find out your ring size.

Tip: If your ring is not circular, measure the shortest distance across.

How to measure your ring circumference

How to measure your ring circumference | PEROZ Accessories

Step 1:

Cut a piece of paper long enough to wrap around your finger

Step 2:

Wrap the paper around your knuckle, which is the thickest area of your finger, being careful not to wrap it too tightly or too loosely, as this may impact the ring size. Make sure you can slip the piece of paper snugly past your knuckle.

Step 3:

Once you're happy with the size, mark the intersection of the paper with a pen and measure it in millimetres using the metric ruler. When measuring, round to the nearest whole millimetre.

Tip: There are a few factors to keep in mind before measuring your finger:

  • Because our fingers change sizes throughout the day, measure your finger at the end of the day when it is the largest.
  • Measure your finger three to four times since its size changes with temperature. When hot or cold, your finger can shrink or expand.
  • Make sure you leave enough space to accommodate your knuckle.

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