Rose Gold: A Never-ending Fashion Trend

Rose Gold: A Never-ending Fashion Trend

Rose gold has a long and illustrious history in the world of fashion. Rose gold, often known as "Russian gold," was first used as a fashion accessory in the nineteenth century. Along with yellow gold, the warm-toned precious metal dominated the Victorian era, and it later became extremely popular with jewelry collectors in the 1920s. It has had a rapid rise in popularity in recent years and evolved from an unfashionable color choice to a classic in both accessories and home décor, with no signs of going out of style anytime soon. We will address the main topics here, such as "what is rose gold?" and "why is rose gold so popular?" 

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What is rose gold? 

Rose gold metal (also known as red/pink gold) is a gold alloy similar to white or yellow gold, consisting of several extra elements in addition to pure gold. Rose gold metal is made up of a mix of pure gold, copper, and silver alloys that give it its rose color. That is to say, rose gold is real, but it is not pure gold. Metal alloys are added to gold to create yellow, white, and rose gold since 24k pure gold is too soft. Rose gold is more durable and, unexpectedly, less expensive than yellow and white gold. Rose gold also has the advantage of not requiring rhodium plating, unlike yellow and white gold. Rhodium plating is a sort of metal plating that protects and enhances the color quality of an object. Although rhodium plating appears to be a fantastic solution to protect and enhance your gold, it cannot be adjusted or fixed. Rose gold, on the other hand, is unique in that the hue of rose gold deepens with age, boosting the color quality with time without the need for rhodium plating. 

Does rose gold tarnish or fade? 

Before you buy rose gold jewelry or make your own, you might want to know if rose gold tarnishes. The simple answer is no. However, after a few years of use, the color may alter significantly, with its appearance becoming darker and slightly redder in color. However, this is since the copper in the alloy can darken over time. 

Why is rose gold jewelry so popular today? 

Femininity and color were reintroduced into the spotlight around the turn of the twenty-first century. Rose gold is the ideal medium between traditionalism and modernism for women who like to mix the two. Its gentle rose blush color is lovely on its own, but it also looks beautiful when paired with jewels or diamonds. Rose gold jewelry purchased now might easily be passed down as a valuable heirloom in the future due to its antique roots and timeless appearance. 

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From Paris to Sydney, walk down a stylish street and you are bound to encounter people wearing rose gold attire or carrying rose gold jewelry or accessories. It can be seen fine rose gold rings and accessories can be found in our jewelry boxes, on our fingers, and on our Instagram feeds. The desire for rose gold is sparked by a variety of factors. Rose gold is a combination of red and pink gold tones that represent people's moods and emotions. The pink with a dash of gold communicates compassion, calm, and warmth. The beautiful relaxing nature of the delicate touch of red and pink is a fantastic depiction of romanticism. That is why rose gold is the most popular gold setting in fashion jewelry. Because of its vintage appeal and romantic connotation, rose gold is the metal of choice among brides. 

Rose gold's red and pink tones appeal to both men and women and complement all skin tones. Rose gold is an all-year-round trend that adds a vintage vibe when accessorizing and harmonizing with clothes. Rose gold is the perfect accent to any woman's ensemble. Rose gold clothing is suitable for the sophisticated and feminine woman. There is no way to go wrong with skirts, heels, cardigans, and rose gold accessories.  

More and more jewelry stores are jumping on board with this new trend, all ready to reintroduce or premiere this classic in their stores, and Peroz is one of them! Perfumed Jewelry is delighted to announce that our rings in this beautiful color are now available in our online shop, so check our entire products to add a timeless, quality piece to your own collection. 

Final words... 

With all being said, keep in mind that the most important thing is for you to choose and wear the gold that you prefer. Fine jewelry is not a fad, regardless of which gold color is popular today. The market for antique, vintage, and estate rings is as vibrant as ever, hence yesterday's cutting-edge styles are still desirable today. And, thanks to the popularity of mixed metal ring stacking, you do not have to stick to just one metal color to stay fashionable. 

Now it's your time! 

We would like to hear your thoughts on the changing trends. Have you considered adding rose gold accessories into your jewelry box? Do you have a lot of yellow gold jewelry in your collection? Do you prefer rose gold pieces that are a little more out of the ordinary? Do you have any rose gold rings in your collection? Let us know what you think and share your ideas with us! 

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