Tips for Cleaning Leather Accessories

Tips for Cleaning Leather Accessories

For thousands of years, leather has been a popular material for clothing, shoes, belts, and accessories, highly regarded for its classic style that is appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. Leather bracelets are fantastic pieces of jewellery for both men and women. They are exceedingly graceful and appealing, and they quickly attract people's attention. Furthermore, bracelets are appropriate for any event and can be worn on a daily basis. Nonetheless, you need to take care of it to preserve its beauty.  

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Why does leather require special care?  

If properly cared for, leather is one of the most long-lasting natural materials, however extra attention is required when it comes to cleaning it. Leather absorbs sweat and dirt from everyday wear and might be vulnerable to liquids. Other elements, such as direct sun or heat, can also create cracks in the material.  

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Caring instructions for your bracelet: 

Follow these helpful tips to keep your leather accessories clean and looking as wonderful as the day we shipped them to you. And if it does get dirty, follow our cleaning instructions below to discover how to clean your leather bracelet 

  • Before going swimming or exercising, take off your leather bracelet or leather watch strap. Saltwater and sweat can damage the leather. Also, chlorine discolours and damages the bracelet and can destroy the polished finish of the studded metal.  
  • Do not wear your leather wristband while taking a shower. If you get your leather bracelet wet, the oils on the surface of the leather will be stripped away. The leather stiffens as a result of this, and it can break when it dries. Another reason to avoid getting the leather wet, even with sweat, is that it softens the leather. It is prone to wear and tear if you wear it or stretch it in that state. Also, if you don't remove your wristwear when swimming or doing other sweaty activities, it ends up getting an unpleasant odour, which is something you don’t want.  
  • Remove bracelets before applying sunscreen, moisturiser, cologne, or tanning lotion. Consider your leather bracelet to be the finishing touch, and wear it after applying lotions or other products.  
  • If you're sitting in direct sunlight, take off your leather wristbands. This does not preclude you from wearing your bracelet outside. However, if you're lying in the direct sun at the beach or pool, it's better to remove it as the heat can damage the leather. Keep it cool even if you're not using it. You should be aware of how much heat your leather bracelet is exposed to.  
  • Take off your leather strap before playing in the sand or gardening as it can scratch the gold-plating, rhodium-plating or solid gold bar.  

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How to clean leather accessories such as bracelets and watch straps?  

Follow the instructions below to learn how to clean a leather strap.  

1. Wipe the leather with a soft dry cloth  

Wipe off the strap with a soft dry cloth such as microfiber or a jewellery polishing cloth before adding any liquids. This gently eliminates any gritty dirt or debris that has accumulated on the strap and could potentially harm the texture of the leather during more extensive cleaning.   

2. Clean the leather with soap  

Clean the bracelet or watch strap with a damp cloth. Avoid using a wet cloth or soaking the leather in water as it can damage the leather. Apply a small amount of the soap on a separate microfiber or jewellery cloth and gently rub the inside and outside of the leather band in small circular motions across the material. A gentle soap is preferable because the stripping formulations found in harsher soaps might dry up the leather.   

3. Remove soap residue  

Rinse the cloth with clean water and squeeze out any extra water from the cloth. Then wipe the leather strap carefully with a clean damp cloth to eliminate any soap residue. 

4. Let the leather band dry  

Allow the strap to air-dry after removing the soap. Avoid exposing the strap to direct sunlight or using a hairdryer to dry it. 

5. Apply Leather Conditioner  

After your leather strap has dried, use a clean cloth to apply a small amount of leather conditioner. Allow the leather strap to dry after gently rubbing it with the cloth. Make sure the conditioner you use is for jewellery, watches, apparel, or accessories; leather conditioner for furniture and industrial objects would most likely be too harsh for skin contact.  

Tips: If you are cleaning your watch strap, remove it before cleaning to protect the watch dial and case.  

How often should you clean your leather strap?  

If you want to clean a leather strap that you use frequently, cleaning it once every other week is a good idea. With the exception of the conditioner step, clean your strap as described above. Leather conditioner should only be used once in a while.  

If you live in a hot or humid region, you should wipe down your leather watch strap more frequently due to perspiration. Similarly, leather bands may need to be cleaned more frequently during the summer months.   

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